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Sewage Pipe Repair in Tokyo

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Large Main Water Pipe Rep...

Both ferrous and PVC water pipes, with diameters in excess of 4 inches, hav... Read more >>

Improved Pipe Clamp Perfo...

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llfa tape
alfa tape
alfa compression tape

Saving time, this rapidly applied solution, is saving money.

Multipurpose industrial grade solution used to create high tension seals with exceptionally long life. This is one product that will deliver every time.

Repairs, seals and insulates. One product with many uses.

For a multitude of applications, LLFA Tape is an effective yet robust repair that is waterproof, weatherproof, easily applied and endures extreme conditions.

Outstanding performance for high or low voltage insulation.

Long lasting, water tight and robust. Used for bus bar insulation, cable jointing, connection weather proofing, and cable repair.
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LLFA - Instant Repair from Bruce Hutt on Vimeo.